Cape Town is not just for the average traveler, tourist, and business person; it has also become the party town for gays in South Africa. The energy and vibe has reverberated throughout the world and Cape Town is fast gaining a reputation as a fun gay city.

South Africa is openly supportive of the gay community. They legalized same sex marriage longer before it became legal in other countries and has been chosen as the launching pad of the United Nation’s gay rights campaign.

Gay Beaches

Yes, there are gay beaches in Cape Town where one is free to snuggle up with one’s partner or just enjoy being with other gays. Not all these beaches are not in any way condoning nudity or intimacy in public and some of them are gay areas in selected stretches of beaches, not the entire beach.

Here are a few of the top gay beaches in the city:

Sandy Bay – This is one of the few nude beaches in Cape Town where you will find dozens of gays and lesbians all year round. The beach is a little hidden by a walking path and beach goers are advised to lug their drinks and snacks upon entering because it can be a little bit of a hassle to dress up to get a bottle of water. There is available parking but on weekends, it usually is fully packed by 10 am

Camps Bay – Head to the Platinum Mile in Camps Bay which is the South African version of a busy strip in Miami Beach. There are many types of accommodations in the area, mostly open to gay couples and individuals.

Clifton Third Beach – There are more gay men here than there are lesbians and the beach is nestled in front of luxurious accommodations and bungalows.

Graaf’s Pool – This is a natural tidal pool where sunbathing in the nude is normal. It is also only open to men or gay men. This may be one of the reasons the area has developed a rather questionable reputation for good, clean fun. The plans to rehabilitate the area are underway and so the pool may soon regain its old glory.

Needless to say all gay beaches are just like regular beaches in South Africa – stunningly beautiful and irresistible.

Gay Saunas

While there may not be many gay saunas in Cape Town, the ones that are operating are doing brisk business throughout the year. A few of them are:

The Hothouse – This sauna has been called scandalous by even its staff and regular guests but it is a legitimate sauna. You cannot go there and expect rent boys. They do offer that service. The sauna is good and the facilities are clean.

The Glen Hotel Sauna – Excellent facilities but open only to guests and friends of guests. They offer different types of massages like Thai and deep tissue.

Gay Bars

This is one type of establishment where you will be bedazzled by variety and number. It’s a great city for gay bars and here are a few of the top places to try:

Beaulah Bar – This has earned 5 stars from its customers because it is a modern boho gay bar with a lounge that offers board games in the afternoon and turns into a hot spot at night.  They also have a comedy bar, a few shows now and then and a resident DJ.

Crew Bar – One of the newer night spots in Cape Town that is fast getting a reputation for being hot and hassle-free.